Mark Bonilla, Chief Financial Officer & Controller
An Outstanding Record of Achievement in Early Stage & Mid Market Enterprise. 
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Finance & Accounting procedures & processes safeguard & protect your Business. To grow your Business you need a CFO that understands & mines your data. Information  empowers the organization and promotes a culture of growth & success. As a CFO in my last 4 organizations we were able to grow the Business by a 5 Times Multiple or 500%. The CFO is a critical strategic partner to the sales & marketing teams. The CFO's job beyond accounting & finance is to be part of the growth process working in tandem with all areas of an organization to successfully achieve & exceed their goals. In short - drive & create value.

About Us

CFO & Controller Responsibilities

Specialties: Executive Leadership & Vision, Accounting Best Practices & Compliance, Strategic Planning , Controllership & Decision Support, Quality Management, Financial Reporting, Budgets & Forecasting, Profitability & Costs, Accelerated Growth, Mergers & Acquisitions, Start-up& Enterprise Management

Core Responsibilities:

Direct Financial Accounting, Planning, Budgeting, Forecasting, Cash Planning, Reporting & Analysis.

Advise Management on Investment Activities, Short & Long Term Objectives, Policies, and Actions.

Develop & Coordinate Strategic Planning, Internal Controls, Policies, Guidelines, and Procedures.

Prepare and File all Monthly Financial Information, Tax Returns, Statements, and Reports with Direction to the Board, Financial Institutions, Investors, Auditors, and Organizational Units.

Analyze and Evaluate Monthly Performance in Accordance with Management Objectives.

Maintain Accounting & Organizational Procedures to Comply with GAAP, IFRS, SEC, Federal, State, & Tax Regulations. Manage Risk & Credit Assessment, Procurement of Funds, Cash, Inventory, & Supply Chain.

Manage, Coordinate, and Direct Legal, Human Resource, Intellectual Property, Warehouse, & Real Estate.